This burning pain is getting to me, I could just try drinking some milk instead of my usual beer Can't tell him I have had heartburn most of my adult life - it would only be another burden and worry - what difference would it make now - I don't want to make a fuss What is it with this heartburn when I bend over and/or exert myself? I'm young, fit and take care of myself. Can't be anything serious can it? I'll just take more Gaviscon! He's had heartburn but it's getting worse, perhaps we should go to the doctor and see what's causing it Mum's had indigestion for years, but it's now getting painful. She can't just hope it goes away. We have to persuade her to see a Doctor This heartburn hurts, doctor says it's the beer and not to worry. I did tell the doctor that my father died from oesophageal cancer, but he says I'm too young to have anything serious just take another rennie




HCUK Events

The 10th National Barrett's Symposium

09 March 2016


We are delighted to announce that the London-HCAS Barrett's Patient Support Group is now up and running, for further information please go to their dedicated homepage

10 June 2014

A warm welcome to the home page for HCAS London Barrett`s Patient Support Group. We are a group of ...

Allison Doyle completes the Brighton Half Marathon on Sunday 16th February in memory of her husband Gerry

24 February 2014

I am finally recovered from the Marathon at the weekend, my legs finally feel like my own again! &nb...

David Blyth is running the Edinburgh Marathon 25th May 2014

29 January 2014

I'm running the Edinburgh Marathon for Heartburn Cancer Awareness and Support because they do...

Allison Doyle is running in the Brighton Half Marathon in February

09 January 2014

Allison Doyle is running in the Brighton Half Marathon in February to raise awareness and funds for ...

Report on Barrett's Patient Event, Girton College, Friday 18 October

19 November 2013

Our headline speaker, Professor Pradeep Bhandari, introduced the audience to his detailed research i...

Tim Underwood on BBC Radio 4's 'Inside Health'.

07 November 2013

Click here to listen

Dr Hasan Haboubi successfully completed the Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday 6th October in support of HCAS

09 October 2013

Dr Hasan has not only raised funds for the charity but raised awareness of the work we are doing.

Mimi McCord highlights the dangers of self medication particularly relating to heartburn

08 October 2013

To read the full article click here You can also see a scan of the Sunday Express newspaper

East Anglian Barrett's Annual Meeting 18th October, Girton College

05 September 2013

You are warmly invited to our annual social event at which we will be highlighting the challenges fa...

BEST 2 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - Screening for Barrett’s Oesophagus

24 June 2013

We have developed a new screening test for the detection of a condition called Barrett’s oesop...

'Quiet epidemic' of male cancer in UK By Helen Briggs BBC News

18 June 2013

Action is needed to fight a "quiet epidemic" of oesophageal cancer, which is on the rise in the UK...

Allison Doyle and family raising money for HCAS in her husband Gerry Doyle's memory

11 June 2013

Tragically Allison Doyle's husband Gerry died on the 16th of June last year from oesophageal can...

Peter McCord is raising money for HCAS through three challenges over the summer

22 May 2013

his JustGiving page gives further details: To see detail...

Dr Hasan Haboubi is running in the Cardiff Half-Marathon in September to raise funds and awareness for HCAS

17 May 2013

Hasan's JustGiving page can be found on: If you wo...

More news

'You can't die of heartburn,' Mike told his wife - tragically he was wrong

09 June 2011

'You can't die of heartburn,' Mike told his wife - tragically he was wrong. Read Mimi...

New Cancer Test Wins £50,000 Innovation Prize

06 June 2011

New cancer test wins £50,000 innovation prize. Read more at :-     &n...

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